Sunday, 14 July, 2024


Lenses Or Glasses?

lenses or glasses

The struggle to choose between lenses and glasses is real. Both of these options have their pros and cons depending on the individual. There are different types of glasses and lenses and it can be hard to choose between the two choices.

Is it better to wear glasses or contacts?

cheap contact lenses and coloured contact lenses

The argument here can get heated. Much like the crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter question. There are many misconceptions about regular or coloured contact lenses which can cause people to steer clear of just giving them a try. It is important that you understand if used correctly and care for as the instructions say contact lenses are very safe to be wearing. Most problems come from improper care and hygiene so if you do this correctly you should not have a problem using contact lenses.

Are contacts more expensive than glasses?

The price of lenses will vary. They are affordable options or cheap coloured contacts and more expensive versions. How cheap or expensive your contacts are will be determined by the brand that you use whether you are using monthlies or dailies and whether you want custom-colored ones etc.

Contacts or glasses for the computer?

Staring at the screen constantly actually reduces the number of times we are blinking our eyes. When this occurs, we end up with dry eyes whether we wear expensive or cheap coloured contacts or glasses. Glasses are good for the computer when it has a filter for the blue light or if they have the anti-glare benefit which can help to take the strain off your eyes. Coloured contact lenses are also good for computer use as they hold water to which will maintain moisture and hydration. If you spend a little more and buy the highly porous lenses this will help with the supply of oxygen that is going to your eyes which will aid in keeping them fresh.

Are contact lenses safe?

Contact lenses now have the latest innovations when it comes to eye technology. Both expensive and cheap coloured contacts are safe if you follow the eye care routine recommended. Most of the contact lenses are made with a silicone hydrogel which helps more oxygen get to the cornea. In the 90s, dry eyes were a problem with contact but these days it is barely a concern.

Types of glasses

There are many glasses that have different lenses to suit your needs. You can get bifocal glasses and single vision ones plus many more. If you are all for glasses and never tried regular or coloured contact lenses, it might be worth giving them a shot once you read the benefits they offer.

Work well for active people

For those who love to keep active or for those keen athletes contact lenses work better instead of glasses. Regular or coloured contact lenses don’t move around and there is no need to worry about them falling out and breaking. Contact lenses don’t just fall out of your eyes and if that did happen, they won’t break.

Clearer vision

Both regular and coloured contact lenses sit comfortably on the curve of your eyes which allows you to have a wider view than the lenses on glasses. Contact lenses won’t fog up and they won’t steam up when you are opening a dishwasher or using a steamer. Glasses can also cause glare and reflections that can be irritating. Contact lenses are recommended for an even better, clearer vision.

Eyes are very sensitive and need special care. It’s up to you as to what you wear glasses or lenses. Research each option and choose based on what suits your needs and lifestyle better.