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Safety Tips On How To Wear Contact Lenses

Safety Tips On How To Wear Contact Lenses

The first time you try to wear contact lenses, you must be patient and calm down your reflexes. This is not inconsistent with speed. Many people need half an hour to try for the first time, so everyone is the same, don’t be anxious, not once, try a few more times, find the feeling, and it will be easy to wear.

When slowly approaching the eyeball, in any case, if you are wearing a contact lens for the first time, don’t be afraid or nervous as most people wear it daily, and it’s normal. At this moment, don’t close your eyes, don’t lose your hands, don’t move your eyeballs, and don’t be afraid of the other eye.

Touch Your Lenses Only After Washing Your Hands

Do not wash your hands with oily or very strong soap. The lens will adhere to wet hands, so dry your hands with a soft, lint-free towel after washing your hands. Remember to put on the contact lenses before applying hand cream or other moisturizing products to your hands; otherwise, the lotion on your hands may remain or stick on the lenses.

Try To Avoid Wearing Contacts For A Long Time

Do not wear contact lenses continuously for a long time (the specific wearing time depends on the personal corneal condition, basically don’t exceed 10 hours a day, preferably every other day), especially not at night when you sleep and do not allow the lenses to be serviced for an extended period. Best to not put your Halloween contact lenses back in your eyes again!

Steps To Wear A Contacts Lens Safely

Before touching the contact lenses bai, cut your nails short, keep your eyes moist, wash your hands thoroughly, let your hands dry naturally, and shake off the excess care solution on the surface of the lens. Do as much as possible; otherwise, it will be difficult to wear the lens on your fingers.

Avoid mixing up the right and left lenses. Slide the lens with your index finger to take it out of the packaging or lens box and place it in the palm of your hand. Rinse with a contact lens care solution.

Before wearing, carefully check the lens for damage, dirt, and sediment; if it is damaged, it cannot be worn. If there are stains and sediments, you must clean and rinse before wearing, operate, and remove the lenses on a clean, keep the lens cover table to prevent the lenses from falling on the ground.

Then place the lens on the tip of your index finger, pay attention to whether the front and back of the lens are correct, place the middle finger of the same hand at the root of the lower eyelashes, pull the lower eyelid away, pull the index finger or middle finger of the other hand away from the upper eyelid, and place the lens on the eyes, gently let go of the eyelids, blink, and the lens will automatically be centred.

Try to open the upper and lower eyelids to prevent the lens from touching the eyelashes and causing the eyes to close. As long as it lasts for a long time, and the sensitivity decreases, you will naturally get used to it when wearing cosmetic contact lenses. As long as you take the time to practice more, you will be able to wear it skillfully.

Open the upper eyelid with the middle finger of the hand, place the lens directly on the iris, then slowly loosen the eyelid, and blink to make it fit the eye more closely.

If there is something on the contact lens or if it is worn upside down, it may feel very uncomfortable. Take it off and rinse with a wetting fluid or non-peroxide solution to remove dirt and dust on the surface. If you still feel uncomfortable, please do not continue wearing it. Do not wear them when your eyes are red or inflamed. If your symptoms do not get better after stopping, you should see an ophthalmologist.

The trendy coloured contact lenses you can purchase in Australia have exceptional craftmanship as are soft and easy to stick to the fingers. The reason is that after wearing, the cosmetic contact lenses can fully fit the eyeballs to achieve the state of not jamming the eyes, but this is also one of the reasons why it is not conducive to wearing. Try to gently place the lens on your fingers, and use your fingers to support the upper and lower eyelids with your other hand. There is no need to specify which hand you must use, as long as you are comfortable.