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Top Tips For Managing Back Pain.

back pain

Did you ever get out of bed to notice a mild pain in your lower back and wondered what made it so when it was perfectly alright yesterday? We’ve all been there. This is because back pain is a muscle problem quite familiar to us all since we experience it now and then. Most of us can go through our daily routine even with lingering back pain. But when it gets to a point where it becomes unbearable with the slightest body movement, or it has been bothering you longer than usual, then it becomes a cause for concern.

The first step in managing back pain is to find the root of the problem. Was the culprit your bed? poor posture when you exercised? Perhaps it is a medical issue. Well, whatever it is, knowing its cause surely would make it a lot easier to resolve. Some things that you may need to consider for your back are home office chair, mattress, sleeping position, or your general posture.

Also, here are other ways you could implement first to ease the discomfort temporarily:

Avoid possible causes

This means you have to avoid anything that may have caused it, from food, to what you wear, to your daily activities.

  1. Food – The known triggers of back pain include alcohol, dairy, peanuts, and sugar. If your back pain is worsening, avoid foods that might trigger it.
  2. Clothes/Footwear – As it may be felt locally, you may more or less figure out what you may have worn for extended periods that may have caused it. So, avoid tight clothes that constrict blood flow to your back. Consider an ill-fitting brassiere, supporter, or girdle.
  3. Uncomfortable shoes – If you wear heels for long periods and you are usually on the balls of your feet, you will use your back, one way or another, to support your gait and when constantly finding and regaining balance. If you notice the back pain staying for a couple of days or more, consider using cushioned flat shoes or sneakers at least until the pain goes away. Some also find it hard to walk with super flat footwear, so take time in finding the right fit for you.
  4. Heavy lifting – Avoid carrying heavy objects for a while, period. Try not to carry backpacks or if you must, balance the weight on your shoulders. Needless to say, lifting weights at the gym should be done with caution.

Adopt a proper posture

Poor posture causes back pain. Try to observe yourself while you’re sitting or walking. If you find yourself in a slouching position, catch yourself and correct it right away.

women doing back exercises

Even while at work, there are simple posture exercises that you can do right from your desk. For those with already persisting back issues can invest in an ergonomic mesh chair. You can do neck, shoulders, hip, and calf stretch, without forgetting pelvic tilts now and then. While sitting to improve your posture. It is also recommended to stand up at least once, every hour because sitting for long periods tends to lead to lower back pain.

Consult your doctor

Over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen can usually resolve back pains. But some medical conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, ruptured disk, and in more serious cases, a tumor or a kidney stone may contraindicate it. Note the characteristics of pain whether it is sharp or dull or if it intensifies because of a certain activity or not, and whether it’s the kind that radiates or stays local.  It would be easier to manage your back pain once you get the appropriate diagnosis and prescription. And if all of these are not helpful at all as a remedy, consult your doctor