Monday, 26 February, 2024


For proper health, burning fat is essential

burn fat

Just demolished an entire Domino’s pizza and wondering how to burn off the fat the following day? If you are not planning on running a marathon then it is likely you did not really need as many calories, and more than a slice or two will probably be sticking around your middle.

Sugar is a killer, and are in more foods than you may think. Desserts obviously comprise spoonfuls of it, but carbohydrate-heavy foods (bread, cereal, pasta, beer, fruits, smoothies) are also serial offenders, as carbohydrates are broken down into their constituent sugars in the body, leaving you feeling more than a bit rough.

We are talking literally here. Approximately 300,000 US deaths annually are estimated to be connected directly to obesity. Meanwhile, in the UK, one in four adults is overweight, according to the NHS. This may cause a plethora of horrible problems, from heart attack to stroke, depression, and some cancers. Does the visceral fat stored just under the skin place extra strain on your organs, those living a sedentary lifestyle are more inclined to overindulge, making a deadly cycle.

According to the latest statistics almost 58 million US citizens held gym memberships as of 2016, while on Instagram the hashtag #wellness has over 20 million results. These are signs of our global obsession with burning fat, getting fit and living healthily. But, purchasing a gym membership is the easy part. Figuring out a weight reduction regimen that is right for you, and sticking with it, is another thing.